U.S. powerless against Cal. forest fire: Japanese Samurai determined mind against earthquake


Japanese Earthquake Research Institute announced with great courage that they gave up earthquake prediction.

This was a shocking news for people living in the earthquake archipelago because Japanese government has been invested a large sums of national budget for prediction.

At the same time, Japanese people have to reflect on their own attitude relying too much on the prediction by the Institute.

Japanese Government has been spending USD 90million every year and expecting an effective result from the Institute.

Japanese citizen believed that announcement of earthquake would be shared among Japanese citizens before the real big earthquake.

But it was a string of off-target predict.

The north region of Japan was suffered from big earthquake next week when the Institute predicted that the middle of Japan region would be attacked by big earthquake soon.

Soon after announced on newspaper “A large-scale earthquake would be occurred at Tokyo.” , Kumamoto, 1400km apart from Toyo,was attached by big earthquake.

General Japanese citizens told what stupid and expensive prediction individually.

And Earthquake Research Institute hung out a white flag.

For people in a disaster area

“I have not heard it”

“The earthquake took blind spot this time.”

They cannot dispense laughing every time.

Most irritating one is Super-irresponsible newspaper of the daily-xxx which the sold in the evening at station.

“Metropolitan area is next, vertical thrust!”

Cheap strategy for increasing sales which will fan fear with a headline.

Even if a prediction based on the study of earthquake, magma flow and a fault study, ,any authorities don’t win.

A tabloid press is the extraordinariness I’d like to write irresponsibly.

Neither Expensive Earthquake Institute nor any universities cannot predict correctly , and then make citizens confused.

“it’s not your business what tabloid press says.”

But, when seeing as Japan in an earthquake chain of islands, I stand by idly without taking any action, and this natural phenomenon can’t be seen.

If it’s impossible to predict when and where an earthquake happens, I should think what to do.

We should made the earthquake which doesn’t bring damage.

(All the Japanese citizens press down the ground so as not to shake)

Human life is the first priority.

Second is the collapse in a building.

When government deals with these two somehow, a small problems shall be took care by a personal individuals.

Because we judged that there were no cases that a study of an earthquake brings any more usefulness, a government should announce the former outcome formality and assign the budget to a different earthquake disaster measure.

Japan now is emphasizing only assumption of the damage when an earthquake with a vertical shock has occurred at metropolitan area.

Just like, jokingly, awareness of danger is being goaded on.

Tens of thousands of people are dead and the total amount of damage reaches tens of billions and is only such thing.

I say clearly, and if metropolitan area will be seized with an earthquake with a vertical shock of seismic intensity 7 tomorrow, Japan would be deprived of everything.

It’s necessary to make it clear what we can do within 3 years,  within 5 years.

We have to make schedule to improve safety rate.

So as make to Japan safer and safer against earthquake.

As I’m suffering, for, it isn’t possible to grasp a safe life.

10% of whole reinforcement of a structure will be completed by 2018 and 50% will be 2020.

A built-up area in an old house is returned to a vacant lot until the end of 2018 and move is completed

A steel frame buildings beyond  50 years shall be broken  and made them move to a skyscraper of earthquake resistant construction.

Such milestone shall be needed and share among every people in Japan.

We have to spend money in such positive thing.

The Olympics in 2020 is also good, but there are many things done in front of it.

I have to regret that it’s the first mistake that fate of the earthquake chain of islands was left to only a seismologist.

Even if a seismologist can predict at the timing of an earthquake disaster, the location and the scale beforeh and when thinking now.

Since that’s before 1 week before and the 10th, it’s impossible to be able to strike a measure by the dead center of Taoism.

Even if it’s estimated Godzilla is rising from the Tokyo Bay, and to reach a skyscraper in Shinjuku 1 week later, it’s best to take a minimum important form out with a person.

If it’s an automobile factory in Yokohama vicinity, it’s impossible to be able to relocate equipment.

I thought so, a scheme was superficial.I can’t help saying that much was expected of an earthquake researcher too much.Indeed it’s a game from this.



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