TRUMP WIN WORLD HIS SIDE, Catch Kim Jong-un, Open Area-51


Catch Kim Jong-un of North Korea


Immediately after Mr.Trump won the Presidential Election, CIA spays in North Korea got message to catch Kim Jong-un from him.
They are all Korean American, leading professional.
Professional of nuclear development and professional of Rocket development
5 CIA staff to remove a nuclear warhead, one proxy of Kim Jong-un  after the real one was caught and  three photographers to make a documentary film of execution of operation have been just ready to go.

A plump body which looks just like Kim Jong-un.
Ears are exactly same as real Kim by orthopedic surgery.
The rare hair style, how to speak and how to applause,
 all of them are heritage left by Obama.

The plan must be carried out  secretly and also prohibit saying entirely after success.
Immediately after the plan completed,  the  proxy of Kim Jong-un  through mass communication publish intention to meet President Trump.
The proxy Kim pretends to want to visit White House and see President Trump
He will say that preparation have been made to talk with a real president who excels in an economic policy.
An American dialogue begins increasingly with North Korea.


Making Area 51amusement parks 

A route starts from exhibition of real stealth attacker F-11.
The report which has continued the night experiment up to now is explained clearly.
More UFOs which have fallen are exhibited in the same state as collected time.
A UFO of the size of original is lined next to it.
Going in and out of is free and the photography at onboard is also permitted.
Formalin immerse of the spaceman’s dead body put in glass of a column adds color.

The [X file completeness] which made X file whole volumes a set is sold at a stand around here, and a key chain of formalin immerse of the spaceman’s dead body comes with it.
It’s possible to see a demonstration of the impossible super-most modern weapon which made the most use of American high technology at the next exhibition hall.

When paying an additional cost, you can enjoy a fire experience like at firing range. The DVD in which the state of the shooting and the destructive force of the most modern weapon were put fully will be the best memory

There is a bill of warning at the entrance at the last exhibition.
 [The person who has heart problems and the person who feels ill refrain from entrance, please.].

A grotesque documentary movie is shown.
A creature experiment and a human body experiment are reflected by a specialized narration.
The movies are the contents the person who has a respectable nerve detests.
When entering the building, a bag printed the character of the Area 51 is handed over, and it’ll be a bag for the person who welled up during the performing.
Please bring the person who didn’t use the bag home as a gift.

A lot of pictures and arranged flowers are displayed in a hill to the outside parking lot from exhibition. Unauthorised entry to Area 51 is tried, and it’s also person’s assassinated picture regrettably.

It couldn’t help be assassinated because of a state secret.
You’ll think back to American regrettable history here.
 And something to get only at a stand near the exit is hardback of  The Roswell Report  with an autograph signature of President Trump.
( 50 copies of limitation)


A book: Money useful how to use


It’s difficult to capture California indeed.
Then, it’s better to take in the automobile industry of the State of Ohio.
Mr.Trump has to pledge to sell a great deal of a car made in America in the whole world for it.
Pledge is an easy thig for Mr.Trump.
While complaining of a plan of official pledge, it’s an important thing how to use funds effectively to get a group vote.
Money will be the weapon which wins an election race. Even though I say Mr. Trump who are indeed, his money is limited.
That’s a highlight to see how much he poured on to cajole Putin. It’s a Trump’s magic.
 “Oh you are real business man” we can’t help admitting his ability.
Much more than it’ll be a mark of the biggest attention how Mr.Trump control James Comey of FBI.
Mr.Trump won the election ,using an ultimate weapon, by re-focusing the mail scandal.
It’s giving off a strong smell of money.
Controlling Comey is an only way to make FBI investigate the mail scandal again.
This is the book in which these secrets information was inlaid 

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